• Communication Power

Becoming an effective communicator

  • Most often, people think ‘communication skill’ is the same as ‘speaking English’ language. But, English language is only a medium of communication, not the skill of communication itself. 

Communication Power – I

  • Communication Power is an interesting story-based program. This program is designed for those whose are just starting their corporate careers in a new city environment, and are not familiar with it.

The program aims to build your basic communication skills using the English language, which is going to be useful in your everyday life and workplace. Additionally, the program will familiarize and prepare you to face the new environment with more confidence.


This program is suitable for final year college students and job seekers, especially those who want to learn basic communication useful in life and work situations, and get familiar with city environment as they start their career.

  • Secure and private learning space, with support available from E-coach
  • Story-based learning
  • Script available in English and Tamil language (more vernacular languages to be introduced)
  • Word-meanings in English and Tamil in every session (more vernacular languages to be introduced)
  • Makes you familiar with real-life like situations you might face in near future 
  • Makes you practice, more than learning theory
  • Presents good and bad examples to learn from 
  • Interaction with other learners while you learn 
  • Educative and fun break-time activities while you learn 
  • Express yourself by writing on our Discussion Forum and Blog 
  • Record audio and playback facility available 
  • Schedule your own learning 
  • You will first come to know which aspects of communication you are good and not-so-good at. 
  • Through the program, you will play a role in an interesting real-life like story, and will be made to actually practice communication as you move ahead in the story.
  • You will also come across some simple tasks related to communication. 
  • By the end of the program, you will discover your ‘self-management’ and ‘world management’ scores.

You would need a computer with good internet connection, and headphones. You will get your own username and password to enter your private learning space, where you can go through the program conveniently at your pace and place.


The duration of this program is roughly 16 weeks. As it is a self-paced program, your duration would vary with your pace of learning. You will go through 11 sessions including tests, spread over about 16 weeks. You may need to give about 2 to 3 hours of learning time every week to be able to complete the program in 16 weeks.


Communication Power

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