• Aptitude Excel

Aptitude tests are a common selection tool used by Corporates during their placement drives. Lakhs of candidates across the country take these tests. What improves the prospects of clearing these tests, are exposure to the right kind of questions and rigorous practice in problem-solving.


361DM Aptitude Excel aims to improve your prospects of clearing the written aptitude tests conducted by corporate as part of their placement drives. The program offers you good exposure and practice of Quantitative and Reasoning problem-solving, which can build confidence about facing the written test.


This program is suitable for pre-final & final year college students, and job seekers. This program is designed for all those who wish to strengthen their Reasoning skills and basic Quantitative ability, relevant to the common job selection written tests.

  • Secure and private learning space
  • Easy learning through many short practice sessions
  • Simple-to-follow text and audio answer explanations
  • Flexible learning - learn where* you want, when you want
  • Write comprehensive tests to check your understanding
  • Equal emphasis on Quantitative and Reasoning areas
  • The program gives equal emphasis to Quantitative and Reasoning areas.
  • The Quantitative area covers wide ranging topics like:

• Number System                      
• Profit and Loss 
• Time Speed Distance 
• Permutation Combination & Probability 
• Basic Algebra 
• Time & Work 
• Set Theory 
• Mensuration, Clocks & Calendar. 

  • And the Reasoning area includes:

• Verbal Reasoning – Basic Critical Reasoning, Word Relations, Syllogisms, Logical Ordering 
• Analytical Reasoning 
• Data-based Reasoning 
• Visual Reasoning 

  • Finally, this program gives you Comprehensive tests involving mixed topics to strengthen and reinforce your understanding of concepts learnt earlier. 

You would need a computer with internet connectivity of minimum 1 Mbps. You will get a unique login access to reach your private learning space, where you can complete the program at your pace and place.


The duration of this program is roughly 3 weeks. As it is a self-paced program, your duration would vary with your pace of learning. You will go through 24 single-topic focused practice sessions, and 4 Comprehensive Tests with mixed topics. You may need to give about 2 to 3 hours of learning time every week to be able to complete the program in 3 to 4 weeks.


Aptitude Excel

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